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Type: Oyster Yawl

Build location: Island Wall, Whitstable

Build date: 1907

Commissioned by: Ernest Stroud

Built by: Collar Brothers


The 'Gamecock', a Whitstable Oyster Yawl, is registered as a National Historic Vessel and is of importance because she has not been modified. She is of significant importance historically, socially and culturally. Many families in Whitstable and around the world have been associated with the Whitstable Oyster dredging industry and generations of the Stroud family have owned and worked the 'Gamecock'. She is an extraordinary Yawl with an iconic status that may be considered to represent Whitstable.

Whitstable Maritime Ltd is the keeper of the 'Gamecock' and every year expensive repairs are required to keep her maintained. This year we estimated around £2,500 will be needed to carry out essential repairs.Unfortunately the work required was significantly more than expected once the deck was off and so far the restoration for 2017 stands at £6,000.


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Gamecock News

She finally gets afloat again
Gamecock will be reimagined for the Time and Tide heritage experience at Horsebridge, Millie from our team took the artist to meet the Gamecock.
A lot has changed in May

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