This time last year we had a 1907 Oyster Yawl stuck on a commercial slipway at Conyer, which was rather embarrassing …. we had also held our first Harbour Day, which finished with a 3 o’clock downpour.

Today, we can look back with pride on having presented a very successful second maritime festival …….and the Gamecock is resting securely on a mud berth at Faversham, with an excellent winter cover and solar power to keep her pumped dry.

At Whitstable, we are fortunate in having a ‘living heritage’ that invites us both to explore past aspects of our changing coastline and its occupations, whilst engaging with current issues such as rising sea levels, the marine environment, local employment and maritime skills.

Our overall aim remains to help visitors, students and pupils discover our maritime heritage to the social and economic benefit of the town: whether through the reconstruction of local historical craft, the creation of an interactive coastal trail, educational fieldwork, or the celebration of our maritime heritage at festivals.

None of this would be possible without the commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers, and without the growing network of organisations that support our charity.

Thank you for your contribution, and I wish you a wonderful New Year.


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